Total Token Supply: 1 trillion N+coins

Allocation Breakdown:

User Rewards (40%) - 400 billion N+coins

Purpose: Directly incentivize user activity on the app through communication. Users earn tokens based on the duration and quality of their interactions, which helps democratize the value of time spent across different geographies.

Platform Development and Operations (20%) - 200 billion N+coins

Purpose: Fund ongoing development, maintenance, and operational costs. This allocation supports future updates, security improvements, and scalability of the platform.

Marketing and User Acquisition (10%) - 100 billion N+coins

Purpose: Drive the adoption and awareness of Nijo+ globally. Funds will be used for marketing campaigns, promotional events, and partnerships to increase user base and market penetration.

Strategic Partnerships and Ecosystem Expansion (10%) - 100 billion N+coins

Purpose: Develop and maintain partnerships with other blockchain and Web3 projects, influencers, and brands. These partnerships are crucial for ecosystem integration and providing users with more utility and value

Staking and Liquidity Pools (10%) - 100 billion N+coins

Purpose: Encourage users to stake their coins for additional rewards, enhancing token liquidity and stabilizing the token’s value in the market. This will support both the platform’s economy and reward loyal users

Team (8%) - 80 billion N+coins

Purpose: Compensate and incentivize the project’s team. Tokens are vested over a multi-year period to align with the long-term success and development of the platform.

Advisors (2% split) - 20 billion N+coins

Purpose: Compensate and incentivize the project’s advisors. Tokens are vested over a multi-year period to align with the long-term success and development of the platform.

Key Features:

Vesting Periods:

To ensure long-term commitment and reduce market volatility, tokens allocated to the team, advisors, and strategic partnerships will have a vesting period of up to 4 years with periodic releases.

Reward Mechanism:

The user rewards mechanism is designed to be dynamic, adjusting the distribution rate based on active user metrics and platform growth to maintain engagement and ensure sustainable token circulation.

Decentralized Governance

Long-term, Nijo+ aims to introduce governance features, allowing token holders to vote on major decisions, such as feature developments, integration of new services, and changes in tokenomics.

Benefits for Stakeholders:


Gain from a tangible return on their social and communication engagement, with rewards equitable across global standards, not biased by local economic conditions.

Investors and Partners

Benefit from the platform’s growth and ecosystem expansion through early investment opportunities and collaborations that enhance the platform’s value and utility.

Developers and Team

Are motivated by token incentives aligned with the platform’s success, ensuring dedication to the project’s long-term goals.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Nijo+ Points in Rewards:

    Nijo+ implements a rewards system where users earn Nijo+ points for their activities and engagement within the platform.

    Points are earned through regular communication activities such as messaging, calls, and virtual meetings.

    Users accumulate Nijo+ points based on their level of engagement and participation over time.

    Nijo+ points serve as a form of virtual currency within the platform, incentivizing users to stay active and connected.

  • Paid Communication:

    Users have the option to use their accumulated Nijo+ points to unlock premium communication features within the app.

    Paid communication features may include initiating high-quality calls, or scheduling priority virtual meetings

  • Invest in N+coin:

    Alternatively, users can choose to invest their earned Nijo+ points into N+coin, the platform's native cryptocurrency.

    N+coin can be used for various purposes within and outside the platform, such as trading, staking, or participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities.

    Investing in N+coin allows users to leverage their accumulated points for potential financial growth and utility beyond the rewards system.


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