We're not just a messaging app—we're revolutionizing communication by recognizing the value of your time. Join us in a movement where your everyday chats earn you real rewards. Experience the future of messaging, where your conversations truly pay off.

Personal Messaging

At Nijo+, we envision a world where communication goes beyond borders and economics. Our mission is to integrate blockchain technology into everyday conversations, ensuring that every message holds value and rewards in crypto.


Business tools

Enhance your business communications with bio links and advanced analytics. Maximize engagement and leverage every interaction for growth.


Blockchain Technology

Our platform is built using cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring the highest level of security for your communications.


Transparent Rewards

Experience full transparency in earning and utilizing rewards on our platform, powered by blockchain technology for accountability and integrity.



Nijo+ lets users transform interactions into 1-minute videos called Pings, which can be shared on Nijo+ and other social media platforms. This feature expands audience reach and attracts more paid engagements.


How it works?

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    Download and Install Nijo+

    • Get Nijo+ from the App Store or Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and begin setup.
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    Create Your Account

    • Sign up with your email or phone number.
    • Verify your account to proceed.
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    Customize Your Profile

    • Add a profile picture and bio to personalize your account.
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    Explore Features

    • Discover personal messaging and business tools.
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    Start Messaging and Earning

    • Engage in conversations to earn N+coins.
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    Manage Settings

    • Adjust privacy and notification settings as needed.
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    Get Support

    • Refer to FAQs or contact support for assistance.

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