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Nijo+ can be simply explained as the Instagram of calling. Users receive paid calls and edit them into short videos to share on the platform and social media. They can be listeners in categories like psychology, astrology etc, engaging in paid calls, chats, and meet-ups. These interactions can be edited into 1-minute videos called Pings, which can be widely shared. With each transaction, users earn rewards that can be converted into N+coin for crypto investment or redeemed for future communications.

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Personal Messaging

Personal Messaging

Chat privately with end-to-end encryption. Earn N+coins while connecting and sharing with friends and family.

Business Tools

Business Tools

Improve your business communications using bio links and detailed analytics. Boost engagement and make the most of every interaction to grow your business.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Our platform is built using cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring the highest level of security for your communications.

Transparent Rewards

Transparent Rewards

Experience full transparency in earning and utilizing rewards on our platform, powered by blockchain technology for accountability and integrity.

Expert Listener Network

Expert Listener Network

Users can offer expertise in various categories like psychology and astrology, and monetize their communication skills.

Content Creation with Pings

Content Creation with Pings

Interactions can be transformed into 1-minute videos called Pings, which are shareable on Nijo+ and other social media platforms.


  • develop

    Phase One Grant Round (6 Months)

    Conceptualization and Development(Months 1-3):

    1. Product and Core Finalization:

    • Develop core features of Nijo+ as a tokenized instant messaging app with blockchain integration.
    • Prepare legal documentation and compliance frameworks.

    2. Website Launch and User Data Collection:

    • Launch the Nijo+ website to introduce the concept and initiate a user data collection campaign to build an initial user base.
    • Kickstart content production for marketing and engagement.

    3. Marketing and Airdrops:

    • Execute rigorous marketing campaigns to generate awareness and attract users.
    • Conduct coin airdrops through Telegram and other platforms to incentivize early adoption and participation.

    Social Media Launch:

    1. Establish Official Profiles/Pages:

    • Set up profiles on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, and other relevant platforms.
    • Begin posting introductory content to introduce Nijo+ and its unique features.

    2. Twitter Strategy:

    • Launch a daily $10 giveaway for the best comment to drive engagement and follower growth.
    • Share viral memes highlighting Nijo+ as the "WhatsApp killer" to attract a wider audience.
    • Educate followers on the benefits of using Nijo+ for crypto rewards and incentivized messaging.

    3. Instagram Campaign:

    • Share visually appealing content on Instagram, emphasizing the concept of monetizing time with Nijo+.
    • Celebrate milestones like follower growth and platform sign-ups to foster excitement and engagement.
  • testing

    Phase Two: Token Launch (50-100M Coin Distribution)

    1. Early Adoption Incentive:
      • Offer exclusive crypto rewards to the first 100 users who actively use Nijo+ after token launch.

    Telegram Community Expansion

    1. Expand Telegram Community:
      • Grow the existing Telegram group for Nijo+ users to enhance discussions and engagement.
      • Foster a stronger sense of community and support among users.
    1. Airdrops and Engagement:
      • Conduct Nijo+ coin airdrops to reward active community participation.
      • Build excitement and encourage more user interaction within the group.
  • develop

    Phase Three: App Launch (100k Downloads)

    1. Continued Engagement:
      • Maintain a consistent social media presence, highlighting user testimonials and feature updates.
      • Host contests or challenges to encourage user-generated content and platform usage.
    1. Paid Advertising:
      • Launch targeted advertising campaigns across social media and digital platforms to drive app downloads and user acquisition.
      • Utilize retargeting strategies to re-engage potential users who have shown interest in Nijo+.
  • develop

    Phase Four: Scaling Up of Business Vertical (1M)

    1. Email Marketing:
      • Implement an email campaign to nurture leads and promote special offers related to Nijo+.
    1. Community Partnerships:
      • Collaborate with influencers, bloggers, and tech brands to increase visibility and credibility in the crypto and tech communities.
  • develop

    Phase Five: Wallet Distribution (Liquid Holding 500M)

    1. Long-Term Strategy:
      • Focus on long-term growth strategies, including expansion into new markets and partnerships within the blockchain ecosystem.
      • Continue to refine marketing tactics based on user feedback and market trends.



With 1 trillion tokens in supply, our economy is vast yet meticulously balanced. Here’s how
they're allocated"


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Team and Advisors


Platform Architecture: Insight into the blockchain framework, encryption, and other tech specifications that make Nijo+ revolutionary.

Innovative Integration: How Nijo+ integrates with various platforms and technologies to provide a seamless user experience.


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